The Private Lounge

A Privileged Haven

Imagine a chalet refuge. One of those places where heroes rest and rebuild after high-flying ascents, whether in the mountains or in business. Picture this place woven with noble and warm materials, filled with harmony and deeply human values of craftsmanship, love for one’s own, and unbreakable bonds. This place is none other than the private lounge at La Ferme des Lombardes. An entirely dedicated space at your disposal, exclusively for your loved ones.

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The Master of Taste

Our chef, Vincent, has roamed the brigades of the world for nearly thirty years, cultivating a savoir-faire and a philosophy of cooking and what it can convey: generosity, tradition, flavours, and ingenuity… Vincent crafts his dishes by blending inherited expertise, respecting local produce, and embracing a touch of irreverence.

Whatever your requirements, dietary preferences, or uniqueness, he will be able to adapt, because cooking is like love, it is above all a science of the heartbeat, and believe us, Vincent possesses this power to make your taste buds gallop and your soul soar.

Business Meals
There are moments when nothing can be left to chance, moments with the potential to transform projects into monuments. Entrust them to us!
Club Services Meals
Coming together among peers, sharing fraternal values, advancing minds and communities. Our lounge is conducive to changing the world. We are here to assist you!
Intimate Dinner
Gathering, sharing, celebrating - we know that the most beautiful stories are woven in the glow of a candle, the sparkle of crystal, cocooned in the warmth of the evening flame. Entrust us with your most precious moments, and we will cherish them!
Family Celebration
Family, friends, our loved ones... values that every member of Casalero holds sacred. Trust us, we are experts in love and especially in showing love. Let us demonstrate it to you!

A Culture of Exclusivity

We envision each event as a precision timepiece, cutting each second like a diamond. Our support will naturally be personalized and tailor-made. We will guide you through each decision, from the ideal home and layout of the venue to the creation of unique experiences. Regardless of the location, we have a repertoire of exceptional service providers and teams of experts at your entire disposal.

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What lies behind the name "Salon Privé"?

Our Salon Privé is a 100 m2 space nestled in the heart of La Ferme des Lombardes. As the name suggests, you have the possibility to rent and privatize an entire floor of this exceptional chalet, benefiting from the services of our Chef Vincent, a masterful cook, well-versed in both traditional recipes and the most innovative techniques.

Does this "Salon Privé" have an outdoor area?

Indeed, during the Summer season, you can enjoy the terrace and the garden adjacent to our Salon. Your event becomes magical with a breathtaking view on the snowy peaks of the Aravis mountain range.

How do I know if the "Salon Privé" is suitable for my project?

The "Salon" is ideal for organizing a business dinner with your most important clients, an event with your close collaborators, celebrating an intimate family birthday, or simply gathering with your tribe for a Sunday brunch.

How are the proposed menus elaborated, are they fixed?

We want to offer you an event that reflects your tastes and preferences. Each menu is elaborated with you, taking into account your desires, tastes, and dietary constraints.

Can we stay on-site?

Certainly! La Ferme des Lombardes can accommodate 30 people to sleep under its beams and amidst its marvelous wood paneling.

What is the capacity of the venue?

Our salon can accommodate 12 seated guests, ensuring an intimate and exclusive moment. If you choose an event with a buffet, the capacity increases to 60 standing guests.

Is the "Salon Privé" closed during certain periods?

You can privatize the "Salon" all year round, subject to availability, of course...

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