Privatize La Bastide du Tilleul

Under the four skies

The Provence of your dreams. A haven for your grand events, reunions, or birthdays. The park of La Bastide du Tilleul offers you the quintessence of the Provençal garden. A place as vast as it is filled with nooks and treasures. And then, there is this light… This cherished light adored by the greatest artists, be they painters, filmmakers, or photographers.

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A place that belongs to you

Open to the four skies, protected by a tree worthy of a fairy tale, the garden of La Bastide du Tilleul has the power to bring clans together and open hearts. With a swimming pool, a pétanque court, or a barbecue area, this place has everything for your guests to savor every moment and make this incredible park their own. And as the last pale hours of the sunset pass, the lawns will turn into a dance floor, and the night will crackle with laughter and voices.

What if your "I" became a "we" to the sound of cicadas, under the rustling of bird wings, amidst the scent of lavender, and beneath the crackling of olive tree leaves.
Unleash the energies and offer a moment of harmony to your teams! The park of La Bastide du Tilleul is a place open to possibilities.
Filming and Photoshoots
The park of La Bastide du Tilleul offers you the quintessence of the Provençal garden. Like a prestigious actor, this place can become a thousand different scenes.
Brand events
Forget the spotlight or the glare of stage lights; we offer you the Provence sun...
Dive into the Provençal dream. Explore La Bastide.
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A Culture of Exclusivity

At Casalero, we approach each event like a precision timepiece, crafting each moment with the utmost care and attention, just like a finely cut diamond. Our guidance is, of course, personalized and tailored to your specific needs. We will support you in every decision, from finding the perfect venue and arranging the space to creating unique and unforgettable experiences. No matter the location, we have a network of exceptional service providers and expert teams at your complete disposal.

Got questions? We have the answers...

What can we envision for events at La Bastide du Tilleul?

La Bastide du Tilleul offers you the possibility to privatize a 1200 m2 park in the heart of Provence. This space is brimming with possibilities and configurations, whether it's by the poolside, among the olive trees, or surrounded by the enchanting lavender garden.

Is the park at La Bastide equipped? How?

Within this hectare, you'll discover three terraces, an Argentinean asado or barbecue, a cozy brazier, a traditional barbecue, and even a Big Green Egg, the Rolls-Royce of cooking appliances.

Can we stay overnight on-site?

We can exceptionally open the doors of the family house for one night, but the best option is to stay in the charming accommodations nearby. We have forged partnerships with various lodging options in the vicinity and will be delighted to offer you the best choices the region has to offer.

Is La Bastide du Tilleul closed during certain periods?

Absolutely not! Your schedule is our schedule. You can reserve the park throughout the year, subject to availability, of course...

What is its capacity?

The park can comfortably accommodate up to 250 people standing and between 80 and 120 people seated.

For any further information or personalized quotes, please feel free to contact us.

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