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Gather, Celebrate, and Create in the Glow of Saint-Tropez

Located in the heart of the village of Saint-Tropez, La Cachette offers elegance and intimacy, creating the perfect setting for cherished moments with your loved ones. At the back of the house, a terrace adorned with Mediterranean essences will enchant your evenings with family and friends, while seated under the shelter of a century-old wisteria, with the cicadas as the only witnesses to your moonlit vows.

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A Secret Villa for Your Artistic Productions

La Cachette is a unique place where stories, characters, and scenarios can come to life, all while enjoying the tranquility and serenity of the surrounding nature. This magical and intimate venue provides an atmosphere conducive to artistic creation.

Whether you are a photographer or a filmmaker, you will be captivated by the beauty of the location and the ambiance it exudes. The villa features an open kitchen leading to a terrace under the shade of a century-old wisteria and a garden filled with Mediterranean plants, offering an ideal setting for photo shoots and film productions. The various indoor and outdoor spaces are adaptable to all your artistic and technical requirements.

Confidential Seminar - Your Team Deserves the Best!

Your company is anything but traditional. Your team is not just a team; it’s a crew, proudly carrying the colours of your values: mutual support, dedication, and commitment – some might call it a family!

Breaking away from the norms of traditional seminars, La Cachette offers you the opportunity to reinvent the gathering of your team. Whether it’s a residential seminar, a strategic meeting, a brunch, or a business lunch, La Cachette provides an intimate and welcoming space that fosters collective intelligence, creativity, and the boldness of the most valiant.

Special Requests

Your creativity is our priority. We understand that each film shoot, photo session, seminar, or informal meal is unique and may have specific requirements. We are attentive to your needs and expectations, and we will offer you a personalized and adapted environment.

Our specialists are also here to propose unique and unforgettable activities. Share your wildest projects with us; we are here to bring them to life with you.

Any questions? We have the answers...

What hides behind La Cachette?

La Cachette is a 120m2 villa nestled in the heart of Saint-Tropez, just a stone's throw away from the Place des Lices.

What kind of events can we envision in this venue?

La Cachette is a unique place, perfect for intimate summer dinners under the century-old wisteria, ideal for signing contracts with your most important clients, or for celebrating exceptional family events.

What are the catering options for our event?

You can choose your own caterer or opt for one of our carefully selected partners.

Is La Cachette closed during certain periods?

Absolutely not, your schedule is our schedule. You can reserve the villa all year round, subject to availability, of course.

What is the capacity of the venue?

Our villa can accommodate up to 10 people within its walls.

Can we stay overnight?

We have the capacity to accommodate up to six people, with each room having its own bathroom or shower.

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