Privatize La Ferme des Lombardes

Transform your events into summits!

La Ferme des Lombardes is a cathedral nestled in the heart of a valley in the Aravis Mountains. This six-hundred-square-meter chalet is shaped like a cross, offering infinite flexibility to accommodate and bring together a large number of people, whether it’s your family members, your teams, or the trendiest influencers to launch your latest products. Renovated in the spirit and, above all, the respect of tradition and materials, La Ferme des Lombardes impresses with its majesty, the beauty of its woodwork, and the quality of its design. Every rafter, every knot in each beam speaks and tells its own story.

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Unfold your wings, surprise your guests!

No matter the size of your project, whether it’s intimate or grand, our ambition is, and will always be, to turn these moments into eternity, to share with all those who fill your heart. Our teams will go out of their way to help you express your ideas and translate your intuitions into a unique experience.

Give the sacred union of your love a setting worthy of a coronation, under the gaze of millennia-old peaks. Nothing will ever be too beautiful to illustrate the depth and generosity of your feelings...
Expand the realm of possibilities, unite and inspire your teams; our era demands requirements that match the height of your ambitions. Casalero offers you the ideal locations to launch your conquests, galvanize and reward your teams and their commitment...
Bespoke Private Catering
Chef Vincent brings his expertise and passion to individuals and professionals by offering his services as a private chef and caterer in La Clusaz and its surroundings.
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Filming and Photoshoots
Our locations have their own voice, their own soul, providing a unique backdrop to the unfolding of your stories, even becoming one of their protagonists. Casalero offers spaces—both indoors and outdoors—that are as inspiring as they are adaptable to all your artistic or technical demands.
The launch of a product or a brand is akin to a birth. Offer a setting that meets the height of your expectations for your dreams and projects, in order to inform and transform the world...

A culture of exclusivity

We envision each event like a precision timepiece, carving each second like a diamond. Our support will, of course, be personalized and tailored. We will accompany you in every choice, from finding the ideal location, arranging the venue, to inventing unique experiences. Regardless of the place, we have a repertoire of exceptional service providers and expert teams at your complete disposal.

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What does La Ferme des Lombardes offer in terms of event possibilities?

La Ferme des Lombardes is a chalet of over 600 square meters that you can rent in its entirety. You can even enjoy the services of our chef, Vincent, an exceptional cook, skilled in both traditional recipes and the most innovative techniques.

What types of events can we consider in this venue?

La Ferme des Lombardes expands the possibilities offered by the "Salon Privé"; your dreams have no limits: weddings, seminars, cocktails, product launches, or even, why not, filming and photoshoots... Everything is possible in this exceptional place.

Is La Ferme des Lombardes closed during certain periods?

Absolutely not, your agenda is our agenda, and you can book the chalet throughout the year, subject to availability, of course...

What is its capacity?

La Ferme des Lombardes can accommodate from 10 to 60 people.

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