La Ferme des Lombardes: where the mountain whispers winter tales.

In every snowflake, there lies the breath of a story, the whisper of a dream. Danielle Célié

Where mountains kiss the sky, amidst the slumbering forests of Saint-Jean-de-Sixt, lies a place that seems to have sprung from a fairy tale. La Ferme des Lombardes, a name that evokes both tradition and elegance, is this place.

Here, during winter, the mountains don their white cloak, every flake tells a story, and every stone whispers a secret.

Welcome to La Ferme des Lombardes.
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La Ferme des Lombardes: a love for the peaks

Imagine a chalet, nestled between heaven and earth, where ancient wood meets touches of modern elegance. Every nook, every detail, is the result of a passion, a love for well-crafted things. The golden reflections of the fireplace dance on the walls, while soft fabrics and noble materials wrap you in a cocoon of well-being.

A refuge of elegance and charm

La Ferme des Lombardes, presented by Casalero, reveals a world where every corner breathes the elegance and authenticity of an exceptional alpine chalet. Each stay promises to be a unique getaway: you can privatize the chalet entirely or just a part, ensuring intimacy to match your desires. Each of the five accommodations, interconnected yet distinctive, is an ode to discreet luxury, meticulously designed to immerse its guests in a sensory mountain journey.

The Certoux :

A true immersion into a mountain narrative. The Certoux is a harmonious alchemy between ancient wood and stone, between the comfort of a traditional bed and the surprise of modern touches. Let yourself be lulled by the whispers of the past while enjoying contemporary comforts, and each dawn becomes the announcement of a new adventure.

The Atelier :

More than just accommodation, it is a vibrant tribute to alpine craftsmanship. In this duplex, the old wood beams evoke the silhouette of neighboring fir trees, and every window frames a natural masterpiece, drawn by snow-capped peaks and the ballet of clouds.

The Virolet:

The perfect balance between intimacy and conviviality. Its terrace, a true balcony overlooking the Aravis range, offers breathtaking panoramas, while inside, each space is designed to foster sharing, laughter, and forever memories.

The Galetas :

An invitation to rediscover authenticity. In this space, every corner tells a story, every decorative element is a nod to the cultural richness of the region. Mornings are soft, bathed in the first rays of the sun, while evenings promise intense and memorable moments under the starry veil of the mountains.

The Grenier:

Excellence in its purest form. Majestically spanning two levels, The Grenier is a true jewel of luxury. Its first floor, dedicated to living and sharing, abounds with warm and welcoming spaces, while the upper level, devoted to rest, promises peaceful nights under the sign of refinement, punctuated by the crackling wood fire.

La Ferme des Lombardes is about choosing excellence, authenticity, and the magic of a timeless place. And not far away, in residence, Les Lucioles shine brightly, offering a modern experience while retaining the alpine soul.

Welcome and Delight

In the cozy intimacy of La Ferme des Lombardes, two souls stand out for their dedication and passion.

Danielle, the guardian of the place, carries within her the history of this exceptional home. She navigates through the rooms with an ease that comes only from an intimate knowledge of the place. Her anecdotes illuminate shadowy corners, revealing hidden treasures. She is that discreet yet essential presence, knowing exactly when to share a moment or step back to allow the sought-after privacy. Her ability to anticipate needs, to recommend the best spot to immerse in a book, or simply linger before a stunning view, makes her the perfect ally for every resident.

As for Vincent, his beaming smile and constant good humor are the perfect contrast to the seriousness with which he approaches his cooking. Every scent that escapes from his pots tells a story of traditions and local flavors. Far from pretentious gastronomy, Vincent offers cuisine that speaks directly to the soul, generous and authentic. His dishes, prepared with passion, are a daily celebration of the region’s culinary treasures.

Together, Danielle and Vincent weave an experience at La Ferme des Lombardes that is simply unique. It is this experience that awaits you here, between the snowflakes and the silent peaks. An invitation to discover a place where time seems to pause, where the art of living is at its zenith, and where every visit engraves lasting memories in the heart.

La Ferme des Lombardes: more than a stay, an experience.





At La Ferme des Lombardes, I rediscovered the timeless charm of genuine hospitality, a touch of authenticity so precious, even to someone accustomed to the delights of the Principality. - Sophie, Monaco.
It's a place imbued with magic, where each element seems to tell an epic tale. And Vincent's cuisine? It mirrors the house: generous, authentic, and unforgettable. - Tom, United Kingdom.

The Alps, an endless playground

Around La Ferme, the Alps are a vast playground. Ski slopes for the sliding enthusiasts, hiking trails for nature lovers, picturesque villages for the curious. Each season brings its discoveries, surprises, and wonders.

So, close your eyes. Imagine yourself there, wrapped in the softness of a blanket, a cup of hot chocolate in hand, allowing your gaze to wander over the snow-capped peaks. La Ferme des Lombardes is not just a chalet; it is a promise of an extraordinary winter, a poetic escape in the heart of the mountains.

And you, when will you come to listen to the tales that the mountain has to whisper to you?

So, ready for the adventure?