Towards the indescribable and beyond...

This is a postcard. The kind we used to send to our loved ones and sometimes, it would reach its destination long after we returned.

However, I invite you to use your imagination here.

Imagine, indeed, that this postcard comes from the future, sent during your stay in one of the places offered by Casalero!

I know it for sure.

This postcard will speak to us about a suspension, another temporality. It will talk about the pleasure of disconnection in favour of a deeper, fruitful, and real connection. It will tell us about a return to the sources of affection and the bond with oneself and loved ones. It will speak of joy and kindness, love and sharing around the most delightfully simple things. It will tell us about rest and energy, strength and creativity. It will talk about the life we dream of sharing, far from the tumult of this world, at the heart of places woven with nature, craftsmanship, and passion.

Who am I then to know all this?

My name is Guillaume Lamarre, and I am a writer, consultant, and educator. I served as an art director for over fifteen years, and now I dedicate myself to sharing and transmitting the knowledge I have accumulated in the realm of stories and creation. Additionally, I work as a copywriter for communication projects with clients such as renowned chefs, vineyards, and even more traditional companies.

But it so happens that I live in luxury.

The luxury of being able to choose my clients. The luxury of being able to say no. It just so happens that I say no very often. But it also happens that I said yes. I said yes to Linda and Fabian, the founders of Casalero.

Why, you may ask?

Because of, or rather, thanks to an intuition. The intuition that with these people, I would be able to create something different. Casalero, indeed, offered me the opportunity for a precious rarity: instead of approaching the writing of texts for this website in a very conventional way, to approach it more like a literary work.

Because what you have in front of you is not just a website, ladies and gentlemen.

It is, in fact, a book. Which works out quite well, as Casalero doesn’t simply rent villas; Casalero opens the doors to spaces that offer each and every one of us the opportunity to rediscover and define our intimacy, our connection to our loved ones, families, lovers, friends, teams, and even our connection to the world… Casalero offers us pages of a novel still untouched by everything you will write in it with your own words, your own sensations, and your own emotions.

But I've already said too much.

This postcard serves as an inauguration. It marks the launch of this website, which, just like everything Linda and Fabian offer, has been shaped in their image… I only need to invite you to browse through it and let yourself be filled with the indescribable desire to live and share eternal moments.

From now on, it’s up to you to write your own travel journal.

And believe me, this site is full of “Once upon a time…”