An enchanted autumn in Saint-Tropez: the magic of La Cachette

Autumn in Saint-Tropez is a lesser-known season, yet it’s undeniably magical. With a stay at La Cachette, you’ll uncover a more intimate side of this iconic village, equally captivating.

The tropezian way of life

La Cachette is not just accommodation; it’s an experience. Every room in this villa has been meticulously designed to capture the essence of Saint-Tropez. The deep green walls echo the surrounding Mediterranean forests, while the raw wooden floors bring to mind the elegant rusticity of Provence. Curated items from around the world add a cosmopolitan flair, highlighting Saint-Tropez’s status as a favorite destination for discerning travelers.

Saint-Tropez in autumn: a season to rediscover

Quiet alleys

After the summer rush, Saint-Tropez in autumn regains its tranquility. The once-crowded streets become peaceful, offering a warm and intimate ambiance. It’s the perfect time to wander and discover the well-kept secrets of this legendary village.

Gourmet delights

Autumn is also a season of culinary treasures. Local markets brim with seasonal produce: figs, olives, and of course, the new wine. Why not indulge in a traditional bouillabaisse or a Provençal aïoli during your stay?

Autumn festivities

Even after summer, Saint-Tropez remains vibrant. Numerous cultural and festive events mark the season, providing a deep dive into local culture.

"Off-Season": a genuine experience

Art and Culture

Autumn in Saint-Tropez is the prime time to explore its museums and art galleries. The Musée de l’Annonciade, for instance, houses an impressive collection of works by Signac, Matisse, and other artists who were captivated by the region’s unique light.

Peninsula vineyards

Autumn is also the grape harvest season. Make the most of your stay by visiting the local wineries, tasting the regional wines, and learning more about the winemaking process.

Nearby treasures of the French Riviera

Deserted beaches

Just 15 minutes from La Cachette, the beaches of Saint-Tropez offer an idyllic setting. In autumn, they shed their crowds, allowing you to savor their serene beauty.

Hilltop villages

The French Riviera is more than just beaches. Hilltop villages like Gassin and Ramatuelle are gems waiting to be discovered. Their picturesque charm and panoramic views of the Mediterranean will surely enchant you.

Casalero services for a peaceful stay

Designed for your comfort

At La Cachette, everything is tailored for your comfort. From quality bed linens to courtesy products, every detail matters.

Customized services

For those seeking something extra, our house staff is at your service for bespoke requests. La Cachette’s concierge service ensures every moment of your stay is perfect. Imagine relishing a Provençal breakfast delivered right to your door or enjoying a dinner prepared by a personal chef in the comfort of your villa. If you’re keen to explore the area, our concierge can arrange tailored excursions, be it a sailing day on the Mediterranean or a guided tour of the region’s hilltop villages.

Autumn in Saint-Tropez: an invitation to relax

Let’s be clear, away from the summer hustle, autumn in Saint-Tropez is a season of calm. Days remain warm, perfect for beach picnics or bike rides along the coast. Evenings turn cooler, ideal for cozying up on the sofa with a glass of rosé in hand.

With Casalero, uncover the hidden charms of Saint-Tropez in autumn and experience the unique allure of La Cachette. And who knows, maybe you’ll return for winter’s delights?

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