A revitalizing spring in Saint-Tropez

Spring in Saint-Tropez brings captivating renewal, with “La Cachette” at the heart of this transformation. This season unveils a living painting where the town and its surroundings are adorned with colors and life.

Serenity and tropezian elegance

In the heart of Saint-Tropez, “La Cachette” embodies a sublime balance between refinement and tranquility. This haven is ideal for those seeking an authentic experience combining discreet luxury and total relaxation. Here, relaxation unfolds in a sumptuous setting, offering a retreat from daily tumult while still wrapped in the captivating atmosphere of the French Riviera.

Natural harmony

Nature reclaims its rights, surrounding “La Cachette” with dazzling blooms and enchanting scents, promising gentle mornings and tranquil evenings.

Spring awakening

Enjoy mornings on the terrace at “La Cachette,” where breakfast with pastries and Tropezian specialties awaits. Be enveloped by a gentle explosion of scents and colors, perfect for starting the day. An ideal experience for gourmands eager to taste local authenticity at sunrise.

At the heart of Saint-Tropez: La Cachette and Place des Lices

“La Cachette” offers privileged access to the heart of Saint-Tropez, a bucolic escape where proximity to the legendary Place des Lices enriches every moment of your stay. Just steps away, this emblematic place invites you to authentically experience Saint-Tropez, from historical strolls to cultural discoveries. The vibrant market under the ancient plane trees, walks in La Ponche district, and visits to the Citadel or the Gendarmerie Museum color your days with the unique hues and flavors of the town, making your experience at La Cachette unforgettable.

Seaside serenity

Spring is the perfect time to rediscover the beaches of Ramatuelle and the surrounding charming villages, away from the summer hustle, for a stay marked by luxury and tranquility.

A tailored stay

Casalero’s concierge service will customize your stay, from intimate dinners to sea adventures, ensuring an unforgettable spring in Saint-Tropez.

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